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Failing VMs

This document describes the usual actions and tools used to drill down failing VMs issues, and find a root cause.

For troubleshooting specific issues, see also those tips.

Troubleshooting a failed deployment

These are usual steps to do in order to drill down to the root cause for some VM instance failure.

  1. Identify any failing VM instance with bosh -d <deployment-name> instances, possibly focusing on failing instances with --failing or detailing failing jobs with --ps.

  2. bosh ssh to some VM having an issue.

  3. Become superuser with sudo -i for full root login, providing monit on the $PATH.

  4. Check failing Monit jobs with monit summary. Whenever the failure has happened at pre-atart stage, this list is empty because Monit configuration is not yet assembled.

  5. Check for any full disk device with df -h.

  6. Check for excessive memory consumption or anything suspicious in the process tree (like duplicate or zombie processes) with top (press V for tree display, c for command line arguments, double-E for GiB memory units, e for MiB process mem units, W for persisting the current display, L for locating some process, & for next search result, k for sending a signal to the process displayed in first line, q to quit)

  7. Check the logs for failing processes in /var/vcap/sys/log/<job-name>/*.log and browse them with less (press > to go to the end of file, use f to follow latest logs in live mode, press ^C to stop following)

Troubleshooting the BOSH Agent

Troubleshooting the BOSH Agent is very unusual, but here we show how you can display some JSON metadata present on the VM instance, with tools that are available by default on stemcells.

  1. Check the latest BOSH Agent logs with less /var/vcap/bosh/log/current

  2. Check BOSH Agent initial configuration with python3 -mjson.tool /var/vcap/bosh/agent.json

  3. Check BOSH Agent dynamic settings with python3 -mjson.tool /var/vcap/bosh/settings.json | less

  4. Check VM instance role (as from the BOSH deployment manifest: jobs, packages, networks, etc) with python3 -mjson.tool /var/vcap/bosh/spec.json