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Using Basic Users

The Director provides a very simple built-in user management system for authentication of operators and internal services (for example, the Health Monitor). Alternatively, it can integrate with UAA for more advanced use cases.

Default Configuration


We are planning to remove this configuration. We recommend configuring the Director as described below in Preconfigured Users section.

Once installed, the Director comes without any configured users by default. When there are no configured users you can use admin / admin credentials to login into the Director.

bosh login admin
# Enter password: *****
# Logged in as `admin'

When the Director is configured with at least one user, default admin / admin credentials no longer work. To create a new user:

bosh create user some-operator
# Enter new password: ********
# Verify new password: ********
# User `some-operator' has been created

To delete existing user:

bosh delete user some-operator
# Are you sure you would like to delete the user `some-operator'? (type 'yes' to continue): yes
# User `some-operator' has been deleted

Preconfigured Users


This feature is available with bosh-release v177+ (1.2999.0).

In this configuration the Director is configured in advance with a list of users. There is no way to add or remove users without redeploying the Director.

To configure the Director with a list of users:

  1. Change deployment manifest for the Director:

          provider: local
            - {name: admin, password: admin-password}
            - {name: hm, password: hm-password}
  2. Redeploy the Director with the updated manifest.

UAA Integration

Configure the Director with UAA user management.

Director Tasks

When a user initiates a director task, the director logs the user in the task audit log.

Health Monitor Authentication

The Health Monitor is configured to use a custom user to query/submit requests to the Director. Since by default the Director does not come with any users, the Health Monitor is not able to successfully communicate with the Director. See the Automatic repair with Resurrector topic for more details.