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Signed URLs

Version compatibility

This blobstore.enable_signed_urls config property was first introduced in bosh v270.8, the ubuntu-xenial 621.x stemcell, and the windows 2019.17 stemcell.


Opting into this feature changes the agent to manage artifacts on the blobstore using signed URLs. The goal is to remove blobstore credentials from all bosh deployed vms and replace access with signed URLs granting scoped actions.


For the purpose of this feature, "supported stemcells" are ubuntu-xenial 621.x and later, and windows 2019.17 and later.

Enabling the feature flag

This feature can be enabled by updating the Bosh director manifest with the following properties:

  • blobstore.enable_signed_urls: set this to true to have the director begin sending signed urls to the agent.

Enabling signed URLs should work alongside blobstore provider specific encryption options such as blobstore.encryption_key (GCS) and blobstore.sse_kms_key_id (AWS S3).

You must continue configuring blobstore.* properties. For blobstore.agent.user and blobstore.agent.password you can configure dummy values because they are no more used but still required in the configuration templates of some CPIs.

An ops-file in bosh-deployment can be used to enable signed URLs and manage the unneccesary properites. See the bosh-deployment › misc/blobstore-signed-urls.yml ops file.

Removing blobstore credentials from agent VM

After turning on this feature flag, credentials may still be required on VM disks. This is because we cannot guarantee that all VMs are deployed with supported stemcells. The bosh-agent on past stemcells still requires blobstore credentials.

As an operator, you can remove credentials from deployment VMs by making the following changes:

  • If all deployments are using supported stemcells, override the blobstores to an empty array in the director manifest.
- name: bosh
          blobstores: []
  • For deployments on supported stemcells, override individual deployment manifests with the following property:
- name: zookeeper
        blobstores: []
  • For deployments on unsupported stemcells, please do not make any blobstore modifications as blobstore config may be coming from blobstores or your CPI.


For DAV blobstores, please also configure:

  • blobstore.secret: The secret used to calculate the signed urls' signature


Additionally, when updating blobstore.enable_signed_urls from true to false, the director will stop generating and sending signed urls to the agents. If you update the property to false, you must also recreate all VMs managed by bosh in order to propagate blobstore credentials to the VMs. If you do not recreate the VMs, none of the agents will have blobstore credentials to correctly process requests.