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BOSH is part of the open-source community, so you can easily find us in a few places...


The Cloud Foundry Slack is a great place to ask questions or discuss issues - especially if you are still trying to figure out what might actually be wrong. Contributors, operators, and developers of BOSH are typically hanging out in the #bosh channel and happy to help answer questions.

Slack Invitation

Slack requires members to be invited, so please request an invite from our bot first if you are new to the community.


BOSH is open source, so you can find most of the code in either the cloudfoundry or cloudfoundry-incubator GitHub organizations. If you are looking for a repository to start with, cloudfoundry/bosh is a great place to start.

Since BOSH is a larger project, there are quite a few repositories for the various components. If you are not sure which repository is best to discuss an issue or make a change, please feel free to ask! Slack usually works best for that, but you can also just create an issue if that's easier.


We use Pivotal Tracker for keeping track of what we're working on and prioritizing tasks. We have several projects, but our main project is CF BOSH. For an aggregated view of all our projects, check out bosh-stories to see a quick summary of our recent and upcoming work.

Mailing List

If you prefer mailing lists, you can find us through the cf-bosh mailing list. Although it is quieter than Slack, the community is usually able to help answer questions raised on the list. We also occasionally use this for announcements or product discussion.

Additional Resources