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Returns information about the CPI to help the Director to make decisions on which CPI to call for certain operations in a multi CPI scenario.


No arguments


  • stemcell_formats [Array of strings]: The list of stemcell formats this CPI supports.
  • api_version [int]: maximum version of the API contract supported by the CPI.


API Request

 "method": "info",
 "arguments": [],
 "context": {
   "director_uuid": "<director-uuid>",
   "request_id": "<cpi-request-id>",

API Response

 "log": "",
 "error": null,
 "result": {
   "api_version": 2,
   "stemcell_formats": [
The api_version is the version of the API contract that the CPI supports. New CPIs adopting the V2 contract must return 2. If there is no version supplied, the Director assumes version 1 of the contract must be used.