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Rotating mbus SSL

Bootstrap SSL certificate needs to be removed from the creds.yml and re-created later with create-env. Since the signing CA is the Director's default CA and remains unchanged, no updates are required on the CLI side.


  • Director is in a healthy state and there are no new deployments in progress.
  • These instructions must be adapted if used with ops files overwriting the variables used in this procedure (i.e. bosh-lite).

Step 1: Remove mbus SSL from creds.yml

bosh interpolate ./creds.yml \
 -o remove-mbus-ssl.yml > creds_new.yml

mv creds_new.yml creds.yml

Ops file remove-mbus-ssl.yml

- type: remove
  path: /mbus_bootstrap_ssl?
  • This will remove the mbus_bootstrap_ssl from the creds.yml, causing the next create-env to create a new one.

Step 2: Redeploy the Director with a new mbus SSL certificate

bosh create-env ~/workspace/bosh-deployment/bosh.yml \
 --state ./state.json \
 -o ~/workspace/bosh-deployment/[IAAS]/cpi.yml \
 -o ... additional ops files \
 --vars-store ./creds.yml \
 -v ... additional vars
  • This adds a new mbus SSL certificate to creds.yml.