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Global Flags


Applies to CLI v2.

Help flag

  • bosh -h shows global flags described here and all available commands
  • bosh <command> -h shows command specific options

Version flag

  • -v flag shows CLI version.


To see Director version use bosh env command.

Environment flags

  • --environment (-e) flag allows to specify Director VM address or environment alias (BOSH_ENVIRONMENT environment variable)
  • --ca-cert flag allows to specify CA certificate used for connecting for Director and UAA (BOSH_CA_CERT environment variable)

CLI does not provide a way to skip SSL certificate validation to encourage secure Director configuration.

See CLI environments for details.

Authentication flags

  • --client flag allows to specify basic auth username or UAA client ID (BOSH_CLIENT environment variable)
  • --client-secret flag allows to specify basic auth password or UAA client secret (BOSH_CLIENT_SECRET environment variable)

CLI does not provide a way to specify UAA user login information since all non-interactive use (in scripts) should use UAA clients. bosh log-in command allows to log in interactively as a UAA user.

Output flags

  • -n flag affirms any confirmation that typically requires user input (BOSH_NON_INTERACTIVE=true environment variable)
  • --json flag changes output format to JSON
  • --tty flag forces output to include all decorative text typically visible when command is not redirected
  • --no-color flag disables colors (enabled by default when command is redirected)

CLI makes a distinction between decorative text (table headings) and primary content (such as tables). To make it eas easy to parse command output via other tools (such as grep) when decorative text is automatically hidden when command output is redirected.

Deployment flag

  • --deployment (-d) flag allows to specify deployment for a command (BOSH_DEPLOYMENT environment variable)

Several commands that can operate in a Director and a deployment context (such as bosh tasks command) account for presence of this flag and filter their output based on a deployment.

SOCKS5 Tunneling

See tunneling for details.

HTTP proxy

Some commands such as create-env may require usage of an http proxy to access internet or the iaas. Define HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY environment variables according to go-lang support documented in detail in x/net/http/httpproxy#Config

export HTTP_PROXY=
export NO_PROXY=",,,,"


Along with the UI output (stdout) and UI errors (stderr), CLI can output more verbose logs.

Logging is disabled by default (BOSH_LOG_LEVEL defaults to none).

To enable logging, set the BOSH_LOG_LEVEL environment variable to one of the following values: debug, info, warn, error, none (default)

Logs write to stdout (debug & info) & stderr (warn & error) by default.

To write logs to a file, set the BOSH_LOG_PATH environment variable to the path of the file to create and/or append to.