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The openstack CPI can be used with OpenStack.


An OpenStack environment that is supported by the CPI.

And the following OpenStack services:

  • Identity: BOSH authenticates credentials and retrieves the endpoint URLs for other OpenStack services.
  • Compute: BOSH boots new VMs, assigns floating IPs to VMs
  • Image: BOSH stores stemcells using the Image service. As of v40 of the OpenStack CPI, v2 of the Image service is required.
  • (Optional) OpenStack Networking: Provides network scaling and automated management functions that are useful when deploying complex distributed systems. Note: OpenStack networking is used as default as of v28 of the OpenStack CPI.
  • (Optional) OpenStack Block Storage: BOSH creates persistent volumes. While it is technically possible to use BOSH on OpenStack without block storage, you won't get persistent volumes without it. As of v40 of the OpenStack CPI, v2 of the Block Storage service is required.


The following table maps BOSH concepts to their OpenStack-native equivalents.

BOSH OpenStack
Availability Zone Availability Zone
Virtual Machine Instance
Instance Type Flavor
Network Subnet Subnet
Virtual IP Floating IP
Persistent Disk Volume
Disk Snapshot Volume Snapshot
Stemcell Virtual Machine Image
Agent Settings HTTP Metadata service; Config Drive; BOSH Registry

Feature Support

The following sections describe some specific BOSH features supported by the CPI.


The CPI supports multiple NICs being attached to a single VM.

Network Type Support
Manual Multiple networks per instance
Dynamic Single network per instance
VIP Single network per instance


Feature Support
Multi-CPI Supported, v31+
Native Disk Resize Supported, v33+
Generic VM Resource Configuration Supported, v31+