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(See Job Lifecycle for an explanation of when post-stop scripts run.)


This feature is available with bosh-release v265+ and only for releases deployed with 3125+ stemcells.

Release job can have a post-stop script that will run when the job is restarted or stopped. This script will run following a monit stop for all jobs on the VM in parallel.

Job Configuration

To add a post-stop script to a release job:

  1. Create a script with any name in the templates directory of a release job.
  2. In the templates section of the release job spec file, add the script name and the bin/post-stop directory as a key value pair.


name: cassandra_node
  post-stop.erb: bin/post-stop

Script Implementation

Post-stop script is usually just a regular shell script. Since post-start script is executed in a similar way as other release job scripts (start, stop, drain scripts) you can use job's package dependencies.

Post-stop script should be idempotent. It may be called multiple times after a process is stopped.