release: / 1.8.0

Github source: 7b6fa713 or master branch

Changes from v1.7.1 to v1.8.0

Significant changes

Container Execution

De-Consuling Locks (Experimental)

Instance Identity Credentials (Experimental)

Grootfs Integration

App Logging and Metrics

Component Logging and Metrics

Test Suites and Tooling


BOSH job changes


BOSH property changes

  • Added diego.auctioneer.locket.api_location: Location of locket API server. Experimental.
  • Added diego.auctioneer.skip_consul_lock: Whether the auctioneer is to skip acquiring the Consul lock. Experimental.

BOSH link changes


Upload this release version to the Director:

$ bosh upload-release --sha1 1f47242c17258e0fec01b124c386f04eab5c9f86

Modify deployment manifest to use this release in addition to any other used releases:

- name: diego
  version: "1.8.0"

Finally add needed deployment jobs and specify values for required properties.

Optionally download sha1: 1f47242c17258e0fec01b124c386f04eab5c9f86 release tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition