release: / 1.10.1

Github source: 9aa3d7c9 or master branch

Changes from v1.10.0 to v1.10.1

IMPORTANT: This version of Diego requires Garden-Runc release v1.2.0 or later for Linux cells and Garden-Windows release v0.3.0 or later for Windows cells, to support the presence of NetIn and NetOut fields on the garden ContainerSpec.

Significant changes

Instance Identity Credentials (Experimental)

Container Networking Support (Experimental)

Docker Support

Test Suites and Tooling

BOSH job changes


BOSH property changes


BOSH link changes


Upload this release version to the Director:

$ bosh upload-release --sha1 c54fc66c2670ddd913241ea668fc84f68c5a0a60

Modify deployment manifest to use this release in addition to any other used releases:

- name: diego
  version: "1.10.1"

Finally add needed deployment jobs and specify values for required properties.

Optionally download sha1: c54fc66c2670ddd913241ea668fc84f68c5a0a60 release tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition