release: / 0.1481.0

Github source: dce86b4f or master branch

Changes from v0.1480.0 to v0.1481.0

Significant changes

IMPORTANT: Diego no longer contains a separate ‘converger’ component. Instead, the active BBS server runs Task and LRP convergence periodically and in reaction to a cell presence disappearing.

BBS Relational Datastore


Component Coordination



Garden-RunC Integration

Manifest Generation

App Logging and Metrics


Test Suites and Tooling


BOSH job changes

Removed converger job.

BOSH property changes

  • Added convergence properties to BBS:
    • diego.bbs.convergence.repeat_interval_in_seconds: Interval between runs of the convergence process.
    • diego.bbs.convergence.kick_task_duration_in_seconds: Interval between kicks to tasks.
    • diego.bbs.convergence.expire_completed_task_duration_in_seconds: Duration after which completed, unresolved tasks are deleted.
    • diego.bbs.convergence.expire_pending_task_duration_in_seconds: Duration after which unclaimed tasks are marked as failed.
  • Removed converger properties:
    • diego.converger.debug_addr
    • diego.converger.repeat_interval_in_seconds
    • diego.converger.kick_task_duration_in_seconds
    • diego.converger.expire_completed_task_duration_in_seconds
    • diego.converger.expire_pending_task_duration_in_seconds
    • diego.converger.log_level
    • diego.converger.dropsonde_port
    • diego.converger.bbs.api_location
    • diego.converger.bbs.ca_cert
    • diego.converger.bbs.client_cert
    • diego.converger.bbs.client_key
    • diego.converger.bbs.require_ssl
    • diego.converger.bbs.client_session_cache_size
    • diego.converger.bbs.max_idle_conns_per_host

Upload this release version to the Director:

$ bosh upload-release --sha1 d3b4b73cd86432c1ec644f3fbe6eb51f3ffc5407

Modify deployment manifest to use this release in addition to any other used releases:

- name: diego
  version: "0.1481.0"

Finally add needed deployment jobs and specify values for required properties.

Optionally download sha1: d3b4b73cd86432c1ec644f3fbe6eb51f3ffc5407 release tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition