release: / 0.1470.0

Github source: 023c69db or master branch

Changes from v0.1469.0 to v0.1470.0

Significant changes

IMPORTANT: This version of Diego is vulnerable to CVE-2016-3091, which is related to the Diego executor’s parsing of log output at UTF-8 boundaries. We strongly recommend that all operators on Diego v0.1468.0 through v0.1470.0 upgrade to Diego v0.1471.0 or later. Diego v0.1472.0 is recommended for use with the recently released CF v237 and should be compatible with CF v236.

BBS Relational Datastore (Experimental)

Volume Support (Experimental)

Garden-RunC Integration

CC-Bridge Transfer

App Logging

Component Logging and Metrics


BOSH job changes


BOSH property changes


Upload this release version to the Director:

$ bosh upload-release --sha1 e77a4f06d04da1ba303ac52ff6b5d59739d31529

Modify deployment manifest to use this release in addition to any other used releases:

- name: diego
  version: "0.1470.0"

Finally add needed deployment jobs and specify values for required properties.

Optionally download sha1: e77a4f06d04da1ba303ac52ff6b5d59739d31529 release tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition