release: / 257.14

Github source: c9e24cb3 or master branch

  • Director exposes and env.bosh.groups values to the CPIs
    • Used by the Azure CPI to create availability sets
    • Used by the Google CPI to add VM security tags
  • Quotes proxy env variables
  • Significantly lowered tcp keep alive kernel configuration values
  • Kept UDF kernel module enabled on Azure stemcells
  • Disabled DHCP hostname reassignment to avoid race conditions
  • Update excon in bosh-registry to 0.49

This release contains 3262.14 stemcell series. Note: OpenStack stemcells series 3262.14 is broken due to and should not be used

Note: Upcoming stemcell in 3262.x series will fix /tmp permissions reassignment found via

Reference BOSH release in the deployment manifest used with bosh-init:

- name: bosh
  version: "257.14"
  sha1: b41821dccee78ad7bd44466cd0160920c183787a

Finally add needed deployment jobs and specify values for required properties.

Optionally download sha1: b41821dccee78ad7bd44466cd0160920c183787a release tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition