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You can find the source of this version on GitHub at cloudfoundry/bosh. It was created based on the commit 383e11d6.

Release Notes

  • Fixes spec.networks.send(...).ip ERB evaluation
    • Seen as nil is not a symbol nor a string error while evaluation ERB templates
    • Ruby 2.3 changed the way it returned methods off of the networks object

This release does not include stemcell series.


You can reference this release in your deployment manifest from the releases section:

- name: "bosh"
  version: "257.1"
  url: ""
  sha1: "e876542ad3f2d4cee842b3bf1bfe4d435aaa85cd"

Or upload it to your director with the upload-release command:

bosh upload-release --sha1 e876542ad3f2d4cee842b3bf1bfe4d435aaa85cd \