A stemcell is a versioned Operating System image wrapped with IaaS specific packaging.

Typical stemcell contains bare minimum OS skeleton with few common utilities pre-installed, a BOSH Agent and few configuration files to make OS be securely configured by default.

Learn more about stemcells.

Ubuntu Lucid, CentOS 6.x, and Ruby agent based stemcells are deprecated.

Upload latest version to your BOSH Director:

# Upload latest version, currently 3421
$ bosh upload stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent

# Upload specific version
$ bosh upload stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent?v=3421

Alternatively, download stemcell tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent?v=3421

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent?v=3421
  • Ubuntu Trusty

    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-05-23T00:36:02.000Z 02774d355596eecc7418f7d55b9c7847fdaf6006 [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 382MB
      2017-05-19T23:41:56.000Z 9db74632251b56a0c3f510cd426a94d0560bd672 [SHA1]
      • Periodic Ubuntu stemcells update
    • BOSH Lite Warden 382MB
      2017-05-12T19:28:19.000Z 20616645a855b47eff7ae828e8366286c155af96 [SHA1]
      • Periodic Ubuntu stemcells update
      • Run cron in BOSH Lite stemcells so that logrotation is performed
    • BOSH Lite Warden 382MB
      2017-04-25T23:14:07.000Z 70c2584a8ad8e2b417c32809c34377728a6d6f86 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3265-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • BOSH Lite Warden 382MB
      2017-04-17T22:49:00.000Z b6ab6243dc14a9086a5295bf0e89f8774a38c352 [SHA1]
      • Periodic bump for CentOS stemcells to include CESA-2017:0933
      • Disable IPv6 through /proc/cmdline to eliminate possibilty of listening on tcp6/udp6
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-04-05T21:55:20.000Z 4cf583da9e2388480e93f348b52c60374b9a097e [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3256-2: Linux kernel (HWE) vulnerability


      • Made AWS AMI backing snapshot public to support encryption of boot disks
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-03-30T21:28:22.000Z c4dc7570d4b2381eb5442eeedc85601e8765593a [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3249-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerability
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-03-10T00:56:27.000Z a72b63c5b17ab2fd8e9e92c4a5019298765d8dc1 [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-03-08T23:49:36.000Z f4f61bd139432361e94cf0b9123118ba02a7b207 [SHA1]
      • Bumps Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3220-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerability
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-02-23T02:27:25.000Z 7e8d841c5f4d736285ce21a1d582a645c2830cbf [SHA1]

      Changes: - Bumps Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3208-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities - Fixes excessive “out of memory” errors in kernel - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1655842 - Fixes regression to rsyslog by locking it down again to rsyslog 8.22.0

      Agent: - Fixes Azure stemcell persistent disk formatting - Fixes Warden stemcells SSH access

    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2017-02-17T21:15:55.000Z 639d72c96f7ed7e847d9f043f614f982d7e18e1f [SHA1]

      Reported Problems: - DO NOT USE azure stemcell as it may cause data loss. - rsyslog version updated to 8.24.0, regressing on issue #1537 - Out of memory errors still exists in Kernel - will be fixed around Feb 20.

      Changes: - Fixes double -hvm- suffix problem for AWS Light stemcells

    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2017-02-16T02:17:53.000Z 2f7f30067f5b62e8f6f3cde9118a415904b4e35b [SHA1]

      Reported Problems: - DO NOT USE azure stemcell as it may cause data loss. - Out of memory errors still exists in Kernel - will be fixed around Feb 20. - rsyslog version updated to 8.24.0, regressing on issue #1537 - AWS Light stemcell has incorrect name once imported - BOSH SSH does not work on BOSH Lite

      Changes: - Add more auditd rules - Fix CentOS initramfs to load necessary kernel modules - Disable boot loader login - Increasing tcp_max_sync_backlog - Disabling any DSA host keys - Add bosh_sshers group and assign it to vcap user - Only allow users in bosh_sshers group to SSH

      Agent: - Log Agent API access events in CEF format to syslog (vcap.agent topic) - Allow configuring swap size through env.bosh.swap_size (example: env.bosh.swap_size: 0) - Prepare for SHA2 releases - Allow setting fetching to work with base64 encoded user data - Do not delaycompress in logrotate

    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-05-19T16:29:04.000Z b49c4a201957d7f7204bf0e40b0b2b527d1f7ade [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-04-25T23:17:34.000Z f7aa641218081ed205e1eda81e97a059252784ad [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-04-05T23:49:30.000Z f5b8b4d391a61a6027b6b90d2e0c43553b0c7f68 [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-03-30T23:18:47.000Z 920728f90c0839909de631fdf72c2f6282f532f9 [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-03-08T23:51:42.000Z fd16f831624802e717b1045a917b6e7104d4bb10 [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 381MB
      2017-02-23T01:53:59.000Z 8b65b0aad41b68e4b651e0b4070c1c7f51450cba [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2017-02-10T00:58:54.000Z 2e1f70938a2b6e8269a721bfb59cf799883b9cc1 [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2016-12-14T02:47:40.000Z 6951a63293fd6e28e301243dae0127cfc95438f3 [SHA1]
      • Bumps Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3156-1: APT vulnerability
    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2016-12-05T17:31:28.000Z c918c06be6a5c8f775a523a3a643717cf163ca47 [SHA1]
      • Periodic stemcell update
    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2016-12-02T16:31:35.000Z 1e3f034896433b91d8b904c74b0724a2db3a8162 [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2016-11-30T04:51:26.000Z 4d4aa05fce8f6763eeef59b8d824422a418ca419 [SHA1]
      • Periodic stemcell update
        • Includes USN-3134-1 as requested by a community member
    • BOSH Lite Warden 380MB
      2016-11-16T22:14:10.000Z dea6e1a8b98fd4e6ad58401f95874e5c66afcab4 [SHA1]
      • Properly includes libpam_cracklib.so to avoid errors in /var/log/auth.log
    • BOSH Lite Warden 378MB
      2016-11-10T23:55:32.000Z 771e6539da2ba88140f9ba542ca75af1909d7377 [SHA1]
      • Fixes persistent disk mounting on OpenStack described in Stemcell 3308
    • BOSH Lite Warden 378MB
      2016-11-10T18:58:08.000Z 191753642e8397d81e34e0d856129952ed30e09a [SHA1]

      Reported Problems: - On OpenStack: Mounting persistent disks not working when using config-drive: disk while nova is configured to use a cdrom config-drive due to https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh/issues/1503

      Fixes: - Fixes SSH key installation issue introduced in Stemcell 3306

    • BOSH Lite Warden 379MB
      2016-11-09T01:00:26.000Z 548c0b2c7d7e482cac932a601d40864b8805a2f7 [SHA1]

      Reported Problems - bosh-init doesn’t work with this stemcell on OpenStack and AWS due to https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh/issues/1500 - Booting the stemcell image directly in you IaaS (without using BOSH/bosh-init) does no longer provision the ssh key for user vcap, so you need to login differently

      Changes - Agent will now wait for monit to complete stop all processes before carrying on - Added google stemcells - Default dmesg_restrict to 1 - Disable all IPv6 configurations - Reenabled UDF kernel module for Azure - Increase root_maxkeys and maxkeys kernel configurations - Changed default hostname to bosh-stemcell instead of localhost to avoid boot problems on GCP - Lower TCP keepalive configuration by default - Mount /var/log directory to /var/vcap/data/root_log - Restrict Access to the su command - Add pam_cracklib requirements to common-password and password-auth - Enable auditing for processes that start prior to auditd - Set log rotation interval to 15 min in stemcell - Made ownership & permissions for /etc/cron* files more restrictive - Customize shell prompt to show instance name and ID - Removed floppy drives from vSphere stemcells - Removed bosh micro assets hence making bosh micro unsupported

      Misc: - Stemcells are now built through Concourse via https://main.bosh-ci.cf-app.com/teams/main/pipelines/bosh:stemcells

    • BOSH Lite Warden 492MB
      2016-07-07T07:24:14.000Z 7c1c34df689772c7b14ce85322c4c044fafe7dbe [SHA1]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 499MB
      2015-12-04T07:57:17.000Z f2bf03c0cc30a2c7fda1464116ba9efd [MD5]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 498MB
      2015-11-11T00:49:17.000Z 84cc868c9e8203667bc21e9b00e70b85 [MD5]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 452MB
      2015-11-11T00:42:46.000Z 4da427da103462f46c288ebd9f0dccce [MD5]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 452MB
      2014-10-19T10:11:59.000Z 0a5deba90ac7965f38f6beff75603469-29 [MD5]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 452MB
      2014-10-19T07:29:16.000Z c2b78b5b0022e65b86bb55e8ca976584-29 [MD5]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 452MB
      2014-10-19T04:49:53.000Z d70dfc549bf050cbd648eb57aa886183-29 [MD5]
    • BOSH Lite Warden 452MB
      2014-10-19T02:17:35.000Z b6df58e113ca07f2b890faaeaecc49a8-29 [MD5]