A stemcell is a versioned Operating System image wrapped with IaaS specific packaging.

Typical stemcell contains bare minimum OS skeleton with few common utilities pre-installed, a BOSH Agent and few configuration files to make OS be securely configured by default.

Learn more about stemcells.

Ubuntu Lucid, CentOS 6.x, and Ruby agent based stemcells are deprecated.

Windows instance types will have additional costs associated with Microsoft licensing. Windows stemcell do not include actual Windows OS.

Upload latest version to your BOSH Director:

# Upload latest version, currently 3541.9
$ bosh upload-stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-vsphere-esxi-centos-7-go_agent

# Upload specific version
$ bosh upload-stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-vsphere-esxi-centos-7-go_agent?v=3541.9

Alternatively, download stemcell tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-vsphere-esxi-centos-7-go_agent?v=3541.9

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-vsphere-esxi-centos-7-go_agent?v=3541.9
  • CentOS 7.x

    • vSphere ESXi 639 MB
      586cc72fafe4d1783ae4eb344effc320ba5c82f5 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 637 MB
      6a4b6593b7fde4a2bf536426117341e21dab5735 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 637 MB
      ab082d181ee3bdd0ddfd1fccd465a06233e8f248 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 637 MB
      36878eab8bd37d2f1208560c28c4e481a7ba0a2a [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 637 MB
      dc75e5bb8dcd675dc1e431b1145b6a4046b78db2 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 639 MB
      0d1a19a0617b23169aab38d5fbc0050d8d5f080e [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 638 MB
      4c0c0fd18b348ea5c9bb7e461f8ad85fa4a3dc1e [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 637 MB
      29f577a9ad6cb3bb25f9222eda1b3e15aa806cb5 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 637 MB
      c019afece40c7b7de8db2eecaf391e97ae710233 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 636 MB
      30f2e2460d3e2e89f11077d73abe4b9736f6927d [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 636 MB
      5e6c28d729207ded3539bae0294f1599f96df31f [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 636 MB
      10e4315d6b88fba6f3c7bfd3be1dfc78d27da845 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 636 MB
      af21679336b2a6ccd850a5c50704fba3094bbf79 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 636 MB
      ee2f8a48b73b3fc10099fc078f7369c0460dc1e8 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 634 MB
      e030c1af4147f53392e7f29c8c3999e280dfaa1e [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 634 MB
      2b21a2ba9417ac39b7f2089b554d1a87e934e51f [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 635 MB
      c8433e95f5872139d820e0ee46db0d98529ee758 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 633 MB
      de646cf45822bbe034d9aba9756bd50413974d77 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 633 MB
      9233f3ebdcd53a67ec3560980ea7e95f89988023 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 626 MB
      68180c31105069296c3d7e76d600939296994f75 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 626 MB
      b79830f76c9f70752420b6fc500fd7ee645b937d [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 626 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z 314c25cd0836862c067861343e1a766e8e3c795b [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 625 MB
      2017-08-31T22:44:45.000Z fac85864da6750f62cfe6d310f9471196716b8b7 [SHA1]
      • Logrotate /var/log/wtmp and utmp more aggressively
      • Updated BOSH agent to include aggressive 5 minute timeout on NATS connection failure
      • Set auditd rules to be mutable by default
        • Please use auditd job from os-conf-release to make rules immutable
    • vSphere ESXi 621 MB
      2017-08-04T21:29:09.000Z 51fff3451a6d7e6ff68436c1a47152dc6bc18992 [SHA1]
      • Bump version (no change)
    • vSphere ESXi 621 MB
      2017-07-31T22:04:54.000Z 2c49a37bccb6d6281e57807e018a1b3d5c698493 [SHA1]
      • Periodic Ubuntu stemcells update
    • vSphere ESXi 633 MB
      c92c2884c5fd7ad55f787fef14872355b63b8383 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 621 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z 93b17104566e332bb5fa48f636312ce3a80cf3bb [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 621 MB
      2017-09-07T23:24:29.000Z 9da62dac76ba86c6471ad8d10a7e9afc9dd70e36 [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 621 MB
      2017-08-01T21:04:43.000Z 0029ffc7ccd3c8baff97b960cf77409379a5a35c [SHA1]
    • vSphere ESXi 618 MB
      2017-06-30T00:29:21.000Z 5d3ae62ead9a23e421984f9be0abedda58f596e5 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3344-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • vSphere ESXi 618 MB
      2017-06-21T03:32:47.000Z 39cfe2445cacb4b2dac5118e90b76e4af43402fc [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3334-1: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • vSphere ESXi 618 MB
      2017-06-12T16:52:17.000Z 2656182556ae8968f2a1dfe99dab2eded3f06ff8 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3312-2 - Linux kernel vulnerabilities
    • vSphere ESXi 618 MB
      2017-06-05T17:37:03.000Z 7be4a7b5c917ec684d09510dfe87fa5dfe8cddb1 [SHA1]
      • Bump CentOS stemcells for CESA-2017:1382 - sudo vulnerability
    • vSphere ESXi 616 MB
      2017-05-23T00:36:57.000Z 7b832b704d13e6627b5397699ff8a5be0d258e0b [SHA1]


      • Added env.bosh.remove_static_libraries (bool) to remove static libraries
        • Useful to enable this option when exporting compiled releases
      • Added env.bosh.ipv6.enable (bool) to remove ipv6.disable kernel functionality at bootup time


      • Fixed sysstat logging
      • Fixed anacron’s RANDOM_DELAY configuration


      • Bumped s3cli v0.0.60
        • Updated aws-sdk-go to solve network timeout edge case
      • Bumped davcli v0.0.19
        • Use TCP keep alive to solve network timeout edge case
      • Bumped bosh-agent v0.0.35
        • Add -v to the Agent binary
        • Prepared sync_dns action to work with future Director’s DNS integration