A stemcell is a versioned Operating System image wrapped with IaaS specific packaging.

Typical stemcell contains bare minimum OS skeleton with few common utilities pre-installed, a BOSH Agent and few configuration files to make OS be securely configured by default.

Learn more about stemcells.

Ubuntu Lucid, CentOS 6.x, and Ruby agent based stemcells are deprecated.

Windows instance types will have additional costs associated with Microsoft licensing. Windows stemcell do not include actual Windows OS.

Upload latest version to your BOSH Director:

# Upload latest version, currently 3445.11
$ bosh upload-stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent-raw

# Upload specific version
$ bosh upload-stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent-raw?v=3445.11

Alternatively, download stemcell tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent-raw?v=3445.11

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-openstack-kvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent-raw?v=3445.11
  • Ubuntu Trusty

    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 388 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z d1f78e3b6990db7ebc61dece8eeb299136af1ed3 [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 387 MB
      2017-08-31T22:44:06.000Z 36b503f1e9f171e5d81ab6a37efe1738ad9fbb71 [SHA1]
      • Logrotate /var/log/wtmp and utmp more aggressively
      • Updated BOSH agent to include aggressive 5 minute timeout on NATS connection failure
      • Set auditd rules to be mutable by default
        • Please use auditd job from os-conf-release to make rules immutable
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-08-04T21:28:24.000Z 076dff7a130c978821800e426d05d766452cc370 [SHA1]
      • Bump version (no change)
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-07-31T22:04:03.000Z 31b9807b1b2533611a0cee99d200e05e1a1ab4e7 [SHA1]
      • Periodic Ubuntu stemcells update
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z e1d336caf6dc608a09d5e54b90e2d81c6d6f6e4e [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-09-07T23:23:47.000Z f497d2ab589d4d8852450d33998edd19f46350bc [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-08-01T21:04:07.000Z 6bbc829f7341cf5a907304fb119c5025829c2ee5 [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-06-30T00:28:25.000Z 70d6daf8a9b2c080d20ea6d0e8a46fde762f5003 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3344-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-06-21T03:32:07.000Z 1885cf7f61cbbd86cdf1cbe8387c2ecfcd3aa927 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3334-1: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-06-12T16:51:15.000Z 98fb0966dbec0029438356f20aef2bfa973d8f04 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3312-2 - Linux kernel vulnerabilities
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-06-05T17:36:23.000Z 586291839546f07779db28d5907e12ab9dec743a [SHA1]
      • Bump CentOS stemcells for CESA-2017:1382 - sudo vulnerability
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-05-30T22:46:02.000Z 551126e41774f20354ca6d56637719deb9d8e926 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3304-1: Sudo vulnerability
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-05-23T00:34:39.000Z 01556cce538123180b909262f72fc8f98d972e5f [SHA1]


      • Added env.bosh.remove_static_libraries (bool) to remove static libraries
        • Useful to enable this option when exporting compiled releases
      • Added env.bosh.ipv6.enable (bool) to remove ipv6.disable kernel functionality at bootup time


      • Fixed sysstat logging
      • Fixed anacron’s RANDOM_DELAY configuration


      • Bumped s3cli v0.0.60
        • Updated aws-sdk-go to solve network timeout edge case
      • Bumped davcli v0.0.19
        • Use TCP keep alive to solve network timeout edge case
      • Bumped bosh-agent v0.0.35
        • Add -v to the Agent binary
        • Prepared sync_dns action to work with future Director’s DNS integration
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z bbd416c46e2685f31a7b8c9258890a79cfb9f274 [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-09-07T21:01:09.000Z c1d225072e5abad8be72e936de7b204677678e30 [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-08-17T00:55:13.000Z 2743478186f7acc1d2d9565a7d633bdc0bed99a8 [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-08-11T22:45:27.000Z c8b0f2315284dc5ca6fbdce37f224951145aa6bd [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-08-04T00:03:55.000Z c06278dd66c3ed16318a050324bdc732d790c9fb [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-06-30T00:43:22.000Z 5b8fdea78865497c31d14e1e97c6750e1ca108d4 [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-06-21T02:56:31.000Z 66b500ee5134fedf3135f1266ce682c8b8d88feb [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-05-30T23:01:38.000Z b2e25fb933d3501f3931c63fbfadbf0419886c4d [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-05-19T23:41:23.000Z 962fda7f287b6b2d54636f46d9c3738331603102 [SHA1]
      • Periodic Ubuntu stemcells update
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-05-12T19:27:43.000Z a26d307cc9009c3b639ca67e49ef95bec811e045 [SHA1]
      • Periodic Ubuntu stemcells update
      • Run cron in BOSH Lite stemcells so that logrotation is performed
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-04-25T23:13:54.000Z 28d7ffbfc572688518ebea39acb3671965c3cc97 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3265-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-04-17T22:48:36.000Z 45a5301ea652a65bd5b65281f8c8512b7ec2e266 [SHA1]
      • Periodic bump for CentOS stemcells to include CESA-2017:0933
      • Disable IPv6 through /proc/cmdline to eliminate possibilty of listening on tcp6/udp6
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-04-05T21:54:55.000Z a6bb29321a6c2382e42f41753512878501dbe900 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3256-2: Linux kernel (HWE) vulnerability


      • Made AWS AMI backing snapshot public to support encryption of boot disks
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-03-30T21:27:52.000Z b64963e14d285ac7f17c7db595f819c92f6b594d [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3249-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerability
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-03-10T00:55:55.000Z 9400a80015b57c78801c429bb0302fbe2318598b [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-03-08T23:49:10.000Z 23fd7868873bf2af4d2b97526a0e0af14696500a [SHA1]
      • Bumps Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3220-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerability
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-02-23T02:26:31.000Z 2acde200a6aa480f7ae0488804c012affc493aef [SHA1]

      Changes: - Bumps Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3208-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities - Fixes excessive “out of memory” errors in kernel - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1655842 - Fixes regression to rsyslog by locking it down again to rsyslog 8.22.0

      Agent: - Fixes Azure stemcell persistent disk formatting - Fixes Warden stemcells SSH access

    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-02-17T21:15:05.000Z 5e1affdcef857e964dd779645cfb2f707b554c10 [SHA1]

      Reported Problems: - DO NOT USE azure stemcell as it may cause data loss. - rsyslog version updated to 8.24.0, regressing on issue #1537 - Out of memory errors still exists in Kernel - will be fixed around Feb 20.

      Changes: - Fixes double -hvm- suffix problem for AWS Light stemcells

    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 383 MB
      2017-02-16T02:17:18.000Z 6d878448f0e721a5467dfa7c598470715f9358ab [SHA1]

      Reported Problems: - DO NOT USE azure stemcell as it may cause data loss. - Out of memory errors still exists in Kernel - will be fixed around Feb 20. - rsyslog version updated to 8.24.0, regressing on issue #1537 - AWS Light stemcell has incorrect name once imported - BOSH SSH does not work on BOSH Lite

      Changes: - Add more auditd rules - Fix CentOS initramfs to load necessary kernel modules - Disable boot loader login - Increasing tcp_max_sync_backlog - Disabling any DSA host keys - Add bosh_sshers group and assign it to vcap user - Only allow users in bosh_sshers group to SSH

      Agent: - Log Agent API access events in CEF format to syslog (vcap.agent topic) - Allow configuring swap size through env.bosh.swap_size (example: env.bosh.swap_size: 0) - Prepare for SHA2 releases - Allow setting fetching to work with base64 encoded user data - Do not delaycompress in logrotate

    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z 63fdf90589c23934589cb65227b6257d08756d65 [SHA1]
    • OpenStack KVM (raw) 384 MB
      2017-08-17T00:47:21.000Z bd50269bd04e8a2762bc43b0ae168793e29eccd2 [SHA1]