A stemcell is a versioned Operating System image wrapped with IaaS specific packaging.

Typical stemcell contains bare minimum OS skeleton with few common utilities pre-installed, a BOSH Agent and few configuration files to make OS be securely configured by default.

Learn more about stemcells.

Ubuntu Lucid, CentOS 6.x, and Ruby agent based stemcells are deprecated.

Windows instance types will have additional costs associated with Microsoft licensing. Windows stemcell do not include actual Windows OS.

Upload latest version to your BOSH Director:

# Upload latest version, currently 3541.9
$ bosh upload-stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-azure-hyperv-centos-7-go_agent

# Upload specific version
$ bosh upload-stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-azure-hyperv-centos-7-go_agent?v=3541.9

Alternatively, download stemcell tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-azure-hyperv-centos-7-go_agent?v=3541.9

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-azure-hyperv-centos-7-go_agent?v=3541.9
  • CentOS 7.x

    • Azure Hyper-V 585 MB
      b7f7274bf3af08a6db39ad99e9548386efae6e8b [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 583 MB
      91f566ee2a70029b490cb460cc63eb01d684934b [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 583 MB
      9c8ee643a71551c6af070bd079b7e3231bf53b99 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 583 MB
      19c9b5517847e4a7c389fd01b817da39aaf5eef0 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 583 MB
      d05b4891f8bdb1f98f217a8f737f8df6a555d0dd [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 584 MB
      13a9ea9f02ee7b4a55f9471e2723ddd48ba1b73a [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 582 MB
      8ae0c001739f946ee1ab2867579e88da34a69035 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 582 MB
      b83491d6a239bc3b70ac06abe4762726450dc42c [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 582 MB
      b5579ec40cda5ad0f2a335d09aab552d3fbe39f1 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 581 MB
      1790235015aef49b22365c20ac6b02e4b8bd7c9f [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 581 MB
      79e1dbdcb4427712714281f1a40d662713839659 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 581 MB
      1c77868dd537056193445669a35a242bb6ec9d28 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 581 MB
      5f409b87d849db0ad09a6f9efe4b691a96f8494f [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 581 MB
      56f3536daca3f1b88f23fc6fbccd95127d5db50d [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 580 MB
      9583d85af0e108931903f28b7b8c9638264fc496 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 580 MB
      007f7d65521be606c4b0e814a24e8b7ef59c62ca [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 580 MB
      cf8d6c997086a4ac3e6389c0c8192d2218569542 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 579 MB
      ff9ac24c3ea8427db95b74c5f33c3dabaa8d6566 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 579 MB
      cc76c7a5a1e7e81699ee1bf43296d39a4131fef8 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 569 MB
      5d780a9febd0c2e1c6656d660235dc0c55e303a1 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 569 MB
      d20f79e7cdf2d7bdfcf8f5bc20a12c4aca72d4f8 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 569 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z 909e1cf262e066faf1fc6e67d9b5348f56350640 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 569 MB
      2017-08-31T22:44:58.000Z 39a4a35e4d1ca62e3c7bceb2a8202ebc8ef7e2a4 [SHA1]
      • Logrotate /var/log/wtmp and utmp more aggressively
      • Updated BOSH agent to include aggressive 5 minute timeout on NATS connection failure
      • Set auditd rules to be mutable by default
        • Please use auditd job from os-conf-release to make rules immutable
    • Azure Hyper-V 565 MB
      2017-08-04T21:29:22.000Z 2cc32bc77ea33bec4ad61eb38dc6ab7f0538bd55 [SHA1]
      • Bump version (no change)
    • Azure Hyper-V 565 MB
      2017-07-31T22:05:38.000Z 7de85351aa1947de4b05dbbf45eb8f07a0709d70 [SHA1]
      • Periodic Ubuntu stemcells update
    • Azure Hyper-V 579 MB
      ed6b20332d8837faeb5af12b0746669fccda54bd [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 565 MB
      2017-09-19T21:52:10.000Z 928996b9f329b4f4fdde030c7875ee8f1a3b2aed [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 565 MB
      2017-09-07T23:24:41.000Z 6632b8c4d95e22918dfeebdaf2028f98828ac4fc [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 565 MB
      2017-08-01T21:05:04.000Z e51824b4455ddbda20d8cefc4f3b0246e86c4ca9 [SHA1]
    • Azure Hyper-V 562 MB
      2017-06-30T00:29:42.000Z 5303bd765894a7a6fcda2244a7ae23112f41e8ca [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3344-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • Azure Hyper-V 563 MB
      2017-06-21T03:33:00.000Z 21106049f024ff9ef48d0016e9f48f2a2177d9e7 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3334-1: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
    • Azure Hyper-V 562 MB
      2017-06-12T16:52:35.000Z a267749b26090ea3012948bb59068901cfcd07f4 [SHA1]
      • Bump Ubuntu stemcells for USN-3312-2 - Linux kernel vulnerabilities
    • Azure Hyper-V 562 MB
      2017-06-05T17:37:16.000Z 63261bc06ca063f4c11dd5997d0d27936dbe4df6 [SHA1]
      • Bump CentOS stemcells for CESA-2017:1382 - sudo vulnerability
    • Azure Hyper-V 560 MB
      2017-05-23T00:37:08.000Z 56256efc98ad010574f1cef8cc979d66309775a5 [SHA1]


      • Added env.bosh.remove_static_libraries (bool) to remove static libraries
        • Useful to enable this option when exporting compiled releases
      • Added env.bosh.ipv6.enable (bool) to remove ipv6.disable kernel functionality at bootup time


      • Fixed sysstat logging
      • Fixed anacron’s RANDOM_DELAY configuration


      • Bumped s3cli v0.0.60
        • Updated aws-sdk-go to solve network timeout edge case
      • Bumped davcli v0.0.19
        • Use TCP keep alive to solve network timeout edge case
      • Bumped bosh-agent v0.0.35
        • Add -v to the Agent binary
        • Prepared sync_dns action to work with future Director’s DNS integration