Default configuration typically uses Keystone v3 API. This document describes how to use Keystone v2 if your OpenStack installation enforces this.

  1. Configure OpenStack CPI

    In properties.openstack:

    • switch property auth_url to use v2 endpoint.
      Note: path is v2.0 including the minor revision!
    • add property tenant
    • remove properties domain and project
      openstack: &openstack
        auth_url: # <--- Replace with Keystone URL
        tenant: OPENSTACK-TENANT # <--- Replace with OpenStack tenant name
        username: OPENSTACK-USERNAME # <--- Replace with OpenStack username
        api_key: OPENSTACK-PASSWORD # <--- Replace with OpenStack password
        default_key_name: bosh
        default_security_groups: [bosh]
  2. Deploy the Director

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